ARIESMarch 21-April 19
You start the year with foot and good fortune you still smiling.They continue to change your level of mentality and philosophy of life.For the Aries 2009 is a year of cooperation and collaboration and you have to have more patience with your partner and your friends.You may have to rethink your partnership and sacrifice some of your independence in order to save a relationship.Your partner asks for more commitment, and you have to decide whether you're willing to give it or not. Overall this year will be one of stability and happiness except during July, October and November when you may have suffered a disappointment.The Aries who has no partner may still see as a simple friendship becomes a love story.
Your family life is very stable and you will bring great joy during 2009 because all family members enjoy a period of harmony, support and togetherness very special.Parents with children will have to solve various problems during the year, but generally you get it successfully.
Begun to be more candid with yourself and with others, and although sometimes you can reach your sincerity disarming others, you will feel better and more consistent with yourself.
At the end of the year, you might be inclined to belong to a group of social support, spiritual group or organization for any reason you conmueva or you just create.In the field emotional're in touch with what you really think is important in life and need extra time away from the external things you away from what they really want to create in your life.
In health matters, the year 2009 is a good year for Aries in general.The months in the making them more vulnerable to potential health problems will be June, July and November.
The Aries will travel somewhat during 2009, but are mostly short trips, both in distance and duration.In December 2009 the Sun, Mars and Merurio will be in its eighth home and this will be the best month for a longer trip.
Saturn has shifted to the sixth home from work and health of Aries and bring all kinds of new possibilities and professional until autumn 2009.You are very positive changes in your work through the Jupiter encounter with Pluto in your house working tenth The presence of Jupiter and Saturn helps you build a strong base in your finances.In March could lay the platform of good business and your economic future.Learn how to manage your money and administrarte in a very clever.In April and May, will continue the activity in your money sector, with more emphasis will still reviewing your property, changing behaviors that you do not agree and organizándote for the future.As long as you avoid seeing involved in power struggles and disputes in your workplace, achieving substantial progress in the professional field.It is quite possible that achieving a promotion in your work.Aries For those who have a political post office or other public service, there is much chance of achieving fame, recognition and respect for the work they do.Maybe you offer a position more important than your current position.
Thanks to the favourable position of Jupiter, is a year for great studies.The Aries will have to consider that during 2009 achieved excellent results.In fact, is a better year for Aries terms of career advancement and / or academic from the standpoint of financial gains.It was a good year to invest money in a fund or a real estate investment.
By June you take your close relatives and related activities that had stopped at the side.On the other hand, you will make some adjustments in the way you talk and communicate.By July Centra you in your home and you do a restructuring, which will help you create an environment more harmonious and full of positive energies.In early August, will be a season conducive to take care of children and activate your creative side.Moments of fun, your imagination and your inspiration will be the maximum, until you could create something inspiring an unusual beauty.
Your Archangel Raphael is called. Regent is your planet Venus. Your spiritual PROTECTOR is the Archangel Samael and helps transform the fears and anxieties in confidence.The gift that gives you self-esteem is, why your password is â € ~ I am, 'Your word of power: AOM.
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白羊座 3月21日至4月19日 您啟動年與足部和良好的財富,你還有微笑。 他們繼續以變更您的水平,心態和人生哲學。 為白羊座,到2009年,是年的合作與協作,你必須有更多的耐心與您的合作夥伴和您的朋友。 您可能必須重新考慮你的夥伴關係和犧牲一些你的獨立,為了節省的關係。 您的夥伴要求更多的承諾,你必須決定是否您願意給它或不。 整體今年將是一個穩定和幸福,除了在七月,十月及十一月,當您可能受到令人失望。 該白羊座誰沒有夥伴,仍然可以看到,作為一個簡單的友誼,成為一個愛情故事。 您的家庭生活是很穩定,你就會帶來巨大的喜悅,到2009年期間,因為所有家庭成員享有一個時期的和諧,支持和團結非常特殊。 父母與子女將要解決的各種問題,在這一年裡,但一般來說,您獲得成功。 開始更坦誠的與自己和與他人,雖然有時可以達到您的誠意,解除別人,你會覺得更好和更一致的,與自己。 在今年年底前,你可能傾向於同屬一組的社會支持,精神團體或組織以任何理由,你conmueva或您剛剛創建。 在該領域emotional're接觸,與你真的覺得是非常重要的生活和需要額外的時間,遠離外部的東西,你離他們真正想要建立在你的生活。 在健康事宜, 2009年是一個很好的一年白羊座的一般問題。 幾個月內,在使他們更容易受到潛在的健康問題將是六月,七月和十一月。 該白羊座將旅行期間,到2009年,但大多是短途乘客,無論在距離和時間。 在2009年12月,太陽,火星和merurio將在其第八家和這將是表現最好的一個月為一較長的行程。 土星已轉移到第六下班回家和健康的白羊座,並帶來各種新的可能性和專業,直到2009年秋季。 您是非常積極的變化,在你的工作,通過木星遇到的與冥王星在您的內部工作第十在場的木星和土星幫助您建立一個堅實的基礎,在您的財政狀況。 在三月可以奠定了平台良好的營商和你的經濟前途。 了解如何管理您的金錢和administrarte在一個很聰明的。 在4月和5月,將繼續活動,在您的錢,部門,更多地強調仍然會審查您的財產,改變行為,你不同意和organizándote為未來作好準備。 只要你避免看到在涉及權力鬥爭和糾紛,在您的工作,取得了實質性進展,在其專業領域。 這是很有可能實現促進你的工作。 白羊座對於誰有政治郵政局或其他公共服務,是有很大的機會實現名利,承認和尊重,他們所做的工作。 也許你提供一個更重要的地位,比您現在的位置。 由於有利的地位,木星,是一個偉大的一年的研究。 該白羊座將不得不考慮在09年取得了良好的效果。 在事實上,是一個較好的一年白羊座的條款晉升和/或從學術的立場的財政收益。 這是一個很好的年投資金錢在一個基金或房地產投資。 6月將您的近親及相關活動已停在一邊。 在另一方面,你會作一些調整,在您的談話和溝通。 7月中部,你在你家和你做了調整,這將有助於你創造一個環境更加和諧和充滿積極的精力。 在八月初,將是一個賽季有利於照顧子女和激活您的創造性的一面。 時刻的樂趣,你的想像力和靈感,您將成為最大的,直到你可以創造一些鼓舞人心的一個不尋常的美感。

(3.21 - 4.20) Aries